Small Molecule Cluster Water

Characteristics Of small molecule cluster water
The world scientific community recognized small molecule cluster water is healthy drinking water and the source of longevity. small molecule cluster water is one of six United Nation’ standards in defining good quality water.
Good penetrability: water molecules less than the diameter of water channels
  on cell membrane (2nm) can bring nutrients to the cells and help detox the cells. It will enhance the body’s immunity.
Activate: small water molecules can stimulate the taste buds of the tongue, that’s why it feels smooth, tastes better, and is easier to drink.
Rich in minerals and trace elements: the useful minerals and trace elements are in ionic state, and easier to be absorbed.
Negatively charged: It can remove excess free radicals from the body.
High dissolved oxygen level: >7mg/L.
Weakly alkaline : PH value of 7.2 to 8.5.
small molecule cluster water can effectively remove disease-causing toxins, eliminate unwanted color and odor, and reduce heavy metals. The water can retain useful minerals and keep activate state. As it taste good, people can drink more water than average while the stomach does not feel any burden. small molecule cluster water can promote metabolism and help one keep healthy.


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