Small Molecule Cluster Water

What are the Benefits of Drinking Small Molecule Cluster Water?
Modern science recognizes that small water molecule cluster is the source of human health and longevity. According to scientists extensive research survey, they eventually found  people’s life in the Caucasus region of Russia and in the village of Bama of Guangxi in China can reach 120 years old. The main reason is that their bodys’ cells is healthy. This is directly related to the long-year drinking of natural small molecule cluster water.

Drinking good quality small molecule cluster water will help the body’s biochemical system function better, and because small molecule cluster water disperse in the body, they makes red blood cells scatter in the body. And because smaller molecule cluster water can better penetrate the cells, they help to nourish the body, and the red blood cells become less stiff and  more flexible, which allows blood to decrease. As biochemical systems function better in the body, this strengthens the activities of enzymes, and decomposes blood lipid better. In this way, the blood lipid level decreases, and HDL levels rise in the blood. HDL can gradually take away the cholesterol and triglycerides in the arteries; it is known as “the cleaner of the arteries.”

When some people drink high quality small molecule cluster water for a few months to a year, HDL can be increased gradually from about 1.0 to 1.8-2.63, or even to 3.2~3.8.

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