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Light particles movement can generate resonant effect wave to minimize the big water molecule cluster. The small molecule cluster water can carry body nutrients and oxygen rapidly through the water channel on the cell membrane into nucleus and DNA. It can activate cellular enzymes and continuously activate body functions and vitality, like to accelerate detoxification、to eliminate fatigue、to relieve stress、to stabilize nerve、to discharge nerve smoothly、to promote blood circulation、to improve the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood、to reduce free radicals in the body、to reduce blood thickness, to speed up blood flow steadily、anti-oxidation、anti-aging、anti-bacterial、deodorization, and to effectively remove body odor.
Releasing 8-12 micron wave energy can apply to the people‘s livelihood on health care, like cell activation, cellularization, body’ negative charge relatively improvement. This helps improve the quality of life.

Drinking Boiled Water : Due to these fine water molecules, the time of boiling water becomes shorter and saving energy. This reduces carbon emissions. The body absorbs the water easier, and the digestion and excretion systems  function more efficiently.
Brewed drinks: Significantly enhance the aroma, taste and high nutritional value.
Tea with chemical additives : The additive can be quickly decomposed.
Washing utensils: can break down some of the grease, oil and other stains,  making iteasier for kitchen cleaning.
Food preparation: effective residue decomposition and degradation of pesticides and toxic substances.
Cooking food: These fine water molecules effectively make food molecules smaller, dramatically increasing the food flavor, and the body digests and absorbs nutrition easier. Cooking time reduces and energy is saved.
Cleaning: Due to these finest water molecules, cleaning is easier, It also can reduce the use of detergents.
Cultivating Plants: Plants grow stronger and more beautiful.  The blooms last longer.
Pet feeding : After drinking the water for 10 days, pet body and excrement odors decrease significantly and its hair  becomes brighter. The pet’s digestive system improves and the pet is healthier.
Home Aquarium Breeding : Due to the fine water molecules with higher dissolved oxygen, water anaerobic single cellular algae is difficult to survive in the water. At the same, high oxygen complex number cellular algae (like water plants, conifer plants, lobular plants, broad- leaved plants, flowers, etc. ) grow healthy and robust. Due to high water quality, the frequency of changing fresh water is reduced, bacterial growth is limited. Seafood grow healthy too.
Sanitation - Reduces odor existing in drain pipes and toilets.
Water Storage -  Sealed with a cap, the water will not deteriorate for more than one year.

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Human body’s Urine NMR Test 


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