3. Farming and fisheries
Fermentation microbial germs depositing under the water (from feed, biological waste, rainwater, and aquaculture water ) propagate rapidly and consume oxygen, nutrients in the pool, and  at the same time those microbial germs release toxic substances into the water and contribute to the gradual deterioration of water quality.

WaNivers Advantages :

1. Fast crack and reduce three harmful elements: hydrogen sulfide, nitrous acid, and ammonia in the water.
2. Increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, purify water, inhibit the growth of the anaerobic unicellular algae in the water (approximately 110 species).
3. Activate texture of biological organization, improve biological resistance, enhance immunity, shorten the biological growth.
4. Decompose bacteria and prevent the formation of the cultured bacteria invasion and parasite.
5. Stimulate decomposition of sediments in water, resist sediment fermentation, decay to release dangerous toxin.
Increase hatchability rate on the cultivation of aquatic seedlings.

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