The Origin of Establishment

Anima originating from Latin, is “life” or “soul”. Soul is the critical factor of human. It is the real self. Without a soul, the body is an entity only. The soul (life), and the physical entity exist simultaneously as a complete person.  

Based on the above statement, Anima Exquisite Technology Co., Ltd. aims to discover the hidden positive energy products and to make these products  as an exclusively integrated package to be launched into the world. These refined products can help create a natural cycle of benign effects for human beings, biology, and the environment.

For the product end users, the positive energy existing inside the products can reduce toxic levels therefore bringing healthy benefits to the body, on all levels.

The global environment needs to be maintained by all human beings. Human should uphold respect for life and environment. Earth‘s natural environment can be washed 、purified、and restored to a natural and harmless environment suitable for coexistence and prosperity of all kinds of life.

Anima Exquisite Technology co., Ltd. is established by a group of  practitioners. In the understanding  of practicing, we promote this concept with practical actions to share a positive energy products with the world and to  solve fundamental problems, and to create a beautiful future for mankind and nature, forever and lasting.